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Why should we learn Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Ecommerce

4 Benefits of having CRM for Ecommerce


What is CRM ?

CRM represents Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system is an integral asset intended to save time and offer your clients personalized customer services and instinctive answers for the difficulties they face while shopping.

4 Benefits of Using CRM

Benefit 1: Customized Customer Experience / Recommendations

CRM solutions enable you to study shoppers’ preference, historical sales transactions, etc. Some CRM software combines the functions of machine learning, allowing owners to study the recommendation rating of prospects for up-sell or cross-sell by analyzing CRM data. Hence, customers receive highly personalized product recommendations.

Source: Venkat Rao

Benefit 2: Highly Personalize Promotion

CRM solutions enable you to spread personalized offers or marketing campaigns to designated customers. In other words, customers get their very own rundown of products or promotions they are interested in. Personalized service will emphatically affect your deals, shoppers are more likely to peruse and pay attention to your recommended promotions.

Source: Nosto

Benefit 3: Upgrade & Automate Check Out & Order Tracking Process

CRM in eCommerce gives your team insight on how to upgrade clients’ shopping experience and apply automation on some processes. Example, CRM data may tell you your Check out page has low conversion rate, lack of order tracking functionality etc. In such case, your team can upgrade the UX / UI functionality and specifically react to the pain-point. Some CRM software provides you automation service in sending order tracking or reminder email to post purchase customers.


Benefit 4: Automated Data Record & Entry

CRM automates the administrative work so that you don't have to manually update a spreadsheet or database after each sale anymore. Also, data can be syncs and uploaded on cloud drive. It saves resources and reduces the risk of data loss and wrongly inserting.

Source: UPlabs


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