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We build and enhance e-commerce websites for brands on Shopify, Magento and Salesforce.


E-commerce is the Face of our New Economy


With consumers moving online in reaction to a digitalized world, companies must learn, evolve and implement quickly on launching e-commerce initiatives within their organization.


Branch8 worked with Evisu to upgrade their e-commerce website to Magento 2 and further built a bespoke feature to allow customers to create customized jeans.

Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Branch8 helped to backup previous store data and ensure the smooth migration to Magento 2. The migration allows processing 40% more order per hour, 70% faster add-to-cart and a 50% increase in page loading speed.

Bespoke systems implementation

Branch8 built a DIY jeans system with 360 image rendering to fit the customized needs of Evisu and their customers. Since then, sales have increased by 50%.

Ongoing feature enhancement & support

Branch8 provides dedicated resources on an ongoing basis to support any continuous development and ad-hoc requests. 

Driven by a New Age of Digital Transformation


E-Commerce Strategy

We perform market research on the latest e-commerce trends to ensure the right digital strategy is implemented.


SEO & Performance Optimization

We improve the e-commerce store through SEO and performance enhancement, so that consumers can easily find our clients with fast page speed and loading time.


UI/UX Design Consulting

We take pride in seeing our designs displayed side by side with top brands and enterprises in Hong Kong and internationally.


Data Analytics & Reporting

We provide data and analytics drawn from the website to ensure the right decisions are made to new feature improvements.

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Web Development

We draw from many years of e-commerce and implementation experience in Shopify, Magento and Salesforce.


Feature Upgrade & Enhancement

We continue to work closely with our clients to ensure that their enhancements meet an everchanging digital world. 


Select the Right eCommerce Platform


To make your online business success



Best Suited for

  1. Small to Medium businesses

  2. Large order volume, but low technical requirements

  3. High level front-end customization



Best Suited for

  1. Medium to Enterprise businesses

  2. High level of customization

  3. Can integrate with other systems


Best Suited for

  1. Large to Enterprise businesses

  2. High level of customization

  3. Can integrate with other systems, particularly with Salesforce ecosystem

Multiple Discount App


Multiple Discount is an add-on that allows you to easily manage your discount on your Shopify store. With intuitive design and single page structure, you can quickly add, edit and prioritize your promotions for specific products and even your target customers.


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