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E-commerce Trends: Stunning SEO stats you have to check out in 2022

Good SEO optimizes your visibility online and generates great revenue. Here are some
eye-opening SEO statistics you must know in 2022!

#1. Almost 70 % of Online Experiences Begins With Search Engine

#2. SEO Leads Are 8 Times More Likely To Conversion Than Outbound Leads

#3. 15 % of Trackable Traffic Comes From Paid Search

#4. 5 % of Trackable Traffic Comes From Paid Social

#5. 68 % Of All Clicks Are From Organic Results!

#6. 1- 2.5 K Words is ideal for most of the blog!

#7. Search Queries Includes Feature Snippets Draws Attentions!

#8. 39% of Customers are influenced by Relevant Search.

#9. 33 % of Mobile Users Perform Location Related Search.

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