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工作機會 Careers

  • 資深Magento後端工程師 Senior Magento Developer - Taiwan Full Time Remote 台灣 全職 遠端
    We are currently looking for Magento developers. Job Description: Developing and maintaining e-commerce applications built on Magento 2.X EE / CE Working with progressive web applications and their state management tools Learning and growing constantly to feed your passion for self-improvement and make those around you better Fixing bugs fast and taking the time to solve hard problems well Collaborating with other disciplines across Engineering and Design remotely to help develop solutions for client and customer problems Job Requirement: 4+ years of Experience developing with Magento is a must have Strong understanding of Magento 2.X architecture Good experience with LESS and CSS Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git Proficient command of written English Magento certification is definitely a plus Experiences with Shopify and other e-commerce paltforms is definitely a plus Experiences working on AWS, GCP or Azure is definitely a plus Experiences working remotely is definitely a plus Benefits: Salary: TWD800,000 - TWD1,500,000 per annum Optional remote work Flexible hours14 days annual leave Performance-based bonuses Work with a Y Combinator backed company
  • 產品經理Product Manager - Taiwan Full Time Remote 台灣 全職 遠端
    工作內容: 理解客戶需求,把需求轉化為能夠真正解決問題的方案,並整理成規劃文件,之後與工程師溝通、協作。 熱情、善於溝通、注重細節 具備產品思維(product ideation) 知道需求與解決方案的差異,並有能力提出真正的解決方案 能夠與 UI Designer 及 Software Engineer 溝通 能夠良好的表達產品理念 知道如何做 User Story 會製作 Wireframe, Flowchart 加分: 具備資訊相關背景 了解 Scrum 流程 有 multi-tenancy technology 相關的經驗 薪資範圍 年薪 80 -150萬新台幣,具領導能力者可另議。 工時/特休 彈性上下班,一般10:00 至 19:00。 週休二日,依國定假日休假 特休每年14天。 福利/推薦項 可選擇遠距工作或跟同事到共享空間工作 彈性工作時間 14天年假 按能力及頁獻分配年底花紅或股本
  • 資深前端工程師 React - Taiwan Full Time Remote 台灣 全職 遠端
    工作內容: 以下是我們目前使用的技術:React、Node.js、PostgreSQL、GraphQL、GatsbyJ 具前端框架 (例. Angular, Vue, React) 開發經驗。 熟悉 Git 操作。 擅溝通協調,重視團隊合作。 高自律性。 加分 : 熟悉React, React Apollo, Node, GraphQL 及JavaScript。 熟悉Scrum及敏捷開發。 具全端能力。 具架構設計能力。 具領導開發團隊的能力或經驗。 具備資訊相關背景 了解 Scrum 流程 有 multi-tenancy technology 相關的經驗 薪資範圍 年薪 80 -150萬新台幣,具領導能力者可另議。 工時/特休: 彈性上下班,一般10:00 至 19:00。 週休二日,依國定假日休假。 特休每年14天。 福利/推薦項: 可選擇遠距工作或跟同事到共享空間工作 彈性工作時間 14天年假 按能力及頁獻分配年底花紅或股本

Branch8是一間軟體開發公司,專門為客戶提供適切的軟體開發服務,包括使用Magento、Shopify 等平台架設網店、串連電商後台系統及開發中小企業需用的各種應用。Branch8提供獨立開發的多平台管理產品及訂單系統,直接以API連接如亞馬遜,eBay和天貓等,主要客戶是來自香港的企業及品牌。公司同時亦在開發一個顧客管理系統。我們很自豪得到台灣之初創投(AppWorks)的支持及美國Y Combinator的投資,Y Combinator是一家矽谷基金,早年也曾投資Dropbox、Airbnb、Stripe、Docker等初創企業。

我們的團隊成員有 Accenture、Appier、KKday、PIXNET 等的工作經驗。 我們希望台灣的開發員能夠支持我們成為亞洲最強大的 SAAS 初創。

Branch8 provides technology solutions for enterprise clients in Hong Kong. Branch8 was founded by individuals from Lazada, Rocket Internet, Facebook and Microsoft. We are also backed by Y Combinator. We have two products under management:

  1. Branch8: A web platform that allows sellers to manage their products and orders on multiple e-commerce marketplaces; and

  2. CowSquare: A web-based customer relationship management tool that allows organizations to manage and convert customer and other data into web content (Database as a Website)


Moreover, we help a number of high profile brands to manage their web shopping carts.

We are always looking for suitable candidates to join our dynamic team. If you'd like to be a part of our impactful organization, please send us message.



If you are interested in the job posting, please send an email to, include only the job posting you are interested in and attach your resume / CV.

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