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Branch8 worked with Comvita to re-launch their online store on Shopify.

The Main Goal


Comvita is looking to provide a more smooth customer journey experience.
With Branch8, Comvita aim to relaunch, capture more customers and start building a loyal database of customers.

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Problem we are solving

Due to the previous out of date web infrastructure, Comvita faced an enormous amount of customer inquires on missing receipts and orders were not tracked properly.

Furthermore, Comvita lacked attractive features such as Multiple Discounts to increase customer stickiness with online shoppers. Price-sensitive shoppers have no incentives to spend in Comvita's e-commerce channel.

To ensure a smooth customer experience, operational efficiency and lowered recurring e-commerce platform costs, they choose Branch8 to re-launch their online store on Shopify.

Our Solution

Multiple Discount Countdown Plug-in 

Branch8 offered multiple discount plug-in to Comvita. With the plug-in, Comvita can now implement complex multiple discount rules for their online shoppers. This has helped to increase their online sales.

System Migration ​

Branch8 helped Comvita to migrate from Oracle's ATG system on to Shopify. With upgraded and simplified system workflows and functions, such as order tracking, issuing e-receipts to shoppers as well a plethora of features on Shopify's App Store, it has helped to increase sales, decrease recurring costs and smoothen the customer journey experience.

Referencing the Korea Comvita web-design 

For the re-launch, we worked with local staff to brainstorm ideas from their Korean website. Features such as miniature scrolling banners and product listing page formatting were implemented.

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Cost Reduction up to 80 %

Cost reduction through eliminating manual error and recurring cost. 

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Sales Increase up to 60 %

Increasing sales through improving customer journey and implementing financial incentive feature.


Ongoing feature enhancement and In-house team support

Branch8 provides a 24/7 In-house team Site maintenance & Support

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Head of Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau, Comvita


"I would like to summarize the 3 advantages when working with Branch8.

1. Firstly, we really get attention from the market.

2. Secondly, they are not an outsourcing company, they don’t really dish out jobs to somebody else.

They have an in-house team to tackle your issue so you don’t have to reflect on the issue and wait for a day. Branch8 can resolve it for you in a timely manner. 3. The third reason I was glad that we signed on with Branch8 because they are really familiar with local businesses and their needs. 


They have a large clientele and are really the ultimate ecommerce project lead in Hong Kong. That’s pretty much why I want to work with Branch8. So far, it has been a very good experience."

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