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The best discounts app you'll ever need

Allows you to easily manage your multiple and complexed discounts on your Shopify store

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Multiple Discounts

Multiple Discount app is an add-on that allows you to easily manage your discount on your Shopify platform. With intuitive design and single page structure, you can quickly add, edit and prioritize your promotions for specific products and even your target customers.


Multiple Discounts

Set up multiple discounts and apply all to one product at the same time. You can choose to execute all discounts or only apply to the higher priority one optionally.


Prioritize your campaigns

Assign the rank for your promotions rule to prioritize your campaigns and get the precise promotion if multiple discounts are offered.


Schedule campaigns

Set up date and time for your campaign so it will only take effect at your specified time

How does Multiple Discounts works?

Once you install Multiple Discount on your Shopify platform, you can create multiple promotion rules tailored to your marketing campaigns.


Simply add a new rule from the  Multiple Discount page and customize your discount within each unique rule. You can view the discount on your Shopify store instantly after the setup is completed and continue to add more rules from the Multiple Discount page.


Customise your offer to specific customers

Flexible rules of different discount offer

Different discount type

Free Shipping option

Spending Goals / Volume discount Achievement

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Multiple Discount allows our company to set-up promotional rules with diverse logics. We highly recommend this plug-in to boost sales by pricing promotion strategy!


Senior Manage

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Multiple Discounts



View demo site (Coming Soon)

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Setting multiple discounts with different priority

  • Setting campaigns according to customer groups

If you have any question of this app, please contact us.

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